PvP Game

Holders of the SOCVERSE NFT will be able to participate in PvP gaming activities and earn income in SOC tokens.
Each player will take the dual role of penalty taker and goalkeeper respectively, during each session/turn, the players will be able to toggle, and change the NFT to the corresponding shoe without having any change to the player NFT.
Note: Each NFT football player will allow the owner to play 3 matches per day, there will be no limit to the number of NFTs a player can own.
To get the maximum prize, the player must win the match by scoring more goals than the opponent, the loser will get less prize. The higher the rarity of the NFT, the greater the reward with the odds of winning to be decided by the player's stats, combination, and support of the NFT.
In addition, skills and supporting accessories also affect the player's ability to win.
In the match, players can bet against each other, and the system will automatically match challengers with the same bet.