GameFi Features

SOCVERSE Ecosystem will continue to evolve as football will be the initial point of entry before other sports will be added to the platform thereby creating an environment where all sports lovers irrespective of the sport will be able to enjoy their passion with other people with the same interest and monetize it accordingly.
SocVerse has the following GameFi components:
Socverse will be a combination of games and finance, a Gamified concept with elements or features that gives users a moment of entertainment and the potential opportunities to turn this into generating extra funds based on users' passion.
​Distinctive Feature of Socverse
As a gamified, Defi and SocialFi platform that allows individuals to participate in fun activities while offering the opportunity to earn for such participation through In-game rewards
Socverse will support a wide variety of activities on its platform which includes:
  • Challenge mission
  • PVP matches/tournaments
  • Quest/bonuses from NFTs
  • Individual and team/group challenge
  • Prediction activities
  • Sport betting
Additional features include:
  • Referral program
  • NFT Merge
  • NFT marketplace
  • NFT lending/borrowing
  • In-game transfer of assets
Breakdown of Socverse features
✅ In-game assets: In-game NFT
Provide different series of football players NFTs, NFT shoes, jerseys, and other related items. Holders of these NFTs will be able to get premium access to the Socverse platform which includes different perks and benefits including profit sharing of generated funds based on the price of the NFTs at the time of each snapshot. These NFTs will also be available to stake and earn SOC tokens while also being tradeable on the in-game marketplace and other external platforms where NFTs can be traded e.g OPENSEA, LOOKSRARE, TOFUNFT E.T.C.
✅ Prediction
In this mode, players will be able to make a direct challenge to others or select random opponents to play against. Players will be able to utilize SOC in-game points or SOC tokens to play in this mode.
Other game modes will be gradually deployed as the ecosystem expands to include world tournaments for players to compete in a leaderboard modification which will help to improve the earnings of each player.
✅ Tournament
In this mode, players can challenge or randomly play against each other to win rewards. We will develop more game modes and gradually create World Tournaments for players to compete, and improve their earnings. The tournaments will come with a leaderboard to reward the top users with the highest rewards. Discover new skills and win rewards through exciting gameplay.
✅ Challenge
Players will have to compete against and overcome various Challenges that the game poses to gain SOC points and other rewards based on each challenge passed with the reward increasing simultaneously as the level gets higher and more difficult.
This mode will also come with a winner takes all reward pool where only one winner will be rewarded for that particular task, and also there will be a reward pool where several individuals who successfully completed each challenge will participate in sharing the reward pool.