The prediction to earn will enable users to either play in free mode which will grant reward in SOC in-game points that can be used to purchase items on the platform or converted to SOC tokens on a ratio that will be determined by the current price of the token at the time of exchange.
The premium prediction mode will require users to predict different sports actions with the use of SOC tokens with rewards being paid out in SOC tokens based on the odds attributed to such events. Premium mode users will also earn SOC in-game points which can be instantly converted to any digital currencies supported on the platform.
Predicting the results/outcomes of matches or any sports activities has always been something that many people love and we are excited to bring you a Prediction Event where you can earn $SOC by correctly predicting the outcome of the matches and other specified activities.
You can make random guesses and every day we will give prizes to the most correct and lucky predictors.
In addition, our prediction challenge program is the most attractive, you can choose many different odds, and there will be many odds for you to choose and predict. You can use both $SOC and $BALL to participate in the prediction. To participate in the event, make sure to submit your prediction every day before Lock Time!