NFT Merge

Players can combine their NFTs to mint a new NFT with equal or higher stats, rarity, and functions surpassing old NFTs. Every merging process also requires the necessary materials to be able to increase the level of success and index.
Each NFT can only be merged 3 times, and the number of SOC and BALL to Merge after each Merge will be higher. The higher the rarity of the NFT, the higher the Merge will cost.
There are two Merge options:
  1. 1.
    If you want to create an item with higher rarity and stats, the original NFT will be destroyed and the newly created NFT will always have a rarity 1 level higher. Random indexes are as follows: Random out NFT with a higher index than the old NFT 10% - 20%
2. Merge generates a new NFT, with this option, the original two NFTs are not lost but will help create a new random NFT, the indexes are a combination of two old NFTs, and the index of the new NFT ranges from - 5% to +5% compared to the old NFT.
Both merge options have a merge failure rate of 5%, when the merge fails the NFT returns to the inventory, but the merge fee will be deducted. The user must add accessories to avoid failure when merging and increase the stats and the probability of rare NFTs.