Referral Program

How it works
Get lifetime referral rewards with the SocVerse referral program. Join one of the best cryptocurrency referral programs and earn with minimum effort by simply referring friends to SocVerse.
No referral limits - You can refer as many friends as you want. When you join the SocVerse referral program, you help us attract more users to the world of sports passion and the digital economy which in return grants you rewards in USDT directly to your wallet.
The referral program is free. However, You will only be eligible to receive a referral commission when you hold at least 1,000 $SOC.
SocVerse supports Multi-tiered Referral Program with 3 levels and unlimited referrals per level. You will receive a commission for every transaction your referrals make. The more people you invite, the more you can earn!
How to join?
It's very easy to join and get a lifetime referral reward with SocVerse.
Step 1: Earn $SOC
Step 2: Send invitations to friends and family to sign up through your referral link.
Step 3: Relax and enjoy your commissions.
When your friends and family sign up, they will become your first level referrals and you can earn a lifetime commission on every transaction they make.
Referral program level:
• Level 1: 1% (All transactions)
• Level 2: 0.8% (Marketplace transactions, predict)
• Level 3: 0.5% (Marketplace transactions, predict)
How are rewards calculated?
The SocVerse Referral Program consists of 3 levels and is divided as follows:
If a person (called A) receives your invitation, register, and makes at least one transaction, that person will become your 1st level referrer and you will get 1% per trade they complete (the purchase).
If A refers someone else (called B) to SocVerse using their own link, B will become A's first level referral and your second level referral which means A will get a commission is 1% and you will get 0.8% when B makes marketplace transactions. Your second-level referrer is a user invited by someone you previously invited to the SocVerse.
Similarly, if your second level (B) refers a new user to the SocVerse ecosystem, they will become your third level referrer and you will get a 0.5% bonus when they make marketplace transactions. When you join the referral program, you will be able to check the following information:
When you join the referral program, you will be able to check the following information:
• Your referral list.
• The total reward that you get from your referrer's transaction.